Dr. Jana Stehlíková, Studienleiterin

Akademische Bildung

Studium und Abschluss
Bachelor- und Masterstudium der Internationalen Beziehungen und Diplomatie in Prag, Tschechien (Prague University of Economics and Business) 
Promotion im Studienprogramm Internationale Politische Beziehungen mit Dissertation zum Thema "The European Union as a normative power? The extraterritorial reach of the EU’s personal data protection standards" an der Prague University of Economics and Business

Thematische Expertise

  • lnternationale Beziehungen
  • Europäische Integration
  • Daten-Monitoring und internationale DSGVOs
  • Digitalisierung (Industrie 4.0), Desinformation, Digitale Demokratie und Online Medien
  • Globalisierung und transatlantische Beziehungen

Publikationen, Vorträge, Medienberichte


  • STEHLÍKOVÁ, J. (2023): The European Union as a Normative Power? The Extraterritorial Reach of the EU’s Personal Data Protection Standards. Tectum, 2023, 262 Pages. ISBN print: 978-3-8288-4920-4. ISBN online: 978-3-8288-5053-8
  • KRISTEK, T. - STEHLÍKOVÁ, J. (2022): Tertiary Education Accessibility and Affordability: SDG 4.3 in Visegrad Countries. In: Leal Filho, W., Dinis, M.A.P., Moggi, S., Price, E., Hope, A. (eds) SDGs in the European Region . Implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals – Regional Perspectives. Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-91261-1_42-1
  • STEHLÍKOVÁ, J. (2021): The corona crisis, data protection and tracking apps in the EU: the Czech and Austrian COVID-19 mobile phone apps in the battle against the virus. Czech Journal of International Relations. https://doi.org/10.32422/mv-cjir.1764
  • DRULÁKOVÁ, R. (Ed.) - HNÁT, P. (Ed.) (2021): Setting up the coordination mechanism within the Presidency of the Council of the EU: preparation and realization from the perspective of selected Member States, lessons learned, and recommendations for CZ PRES 2022. Forschungsbericht. Autoren: ANTAL, J. - BIČ, J. - DRULÁKOVÁ, R. - DUBSKÝ, Z. - HNÁT, P. - KOČÍ, K. - GREBE, E. - GRMELOVÁ, N. - HOVORKOVÁ, J. - STEHLÍKOVÁ, J.
  • LOMBARDO, L. - STEHLÍKOVÁ, J. - VOKÁLEK M. (2020): Cyberdefense in a Globalized World. How Can Digital Technologies Build a More Integrated Europe? Nomos eLibrary. Series: Denkart Europa doi.org/10.5771/9783748908111-91
  • STEHLÍKOVÁ, J. (2020): Disinformation and the European Union. How Can Digital Technologies Build a More Integrated Europe? Nomos eLibrary. Series: Denkart Europa doi.org/10.5771/9783748908111-49

Internationale Vorträge:

  • Online Platforms and The European Union: Digital Age as a Challenge to Democratic Principles. Central European Political Science Association (CEPSA) Conference, University of Pécs, September 2019
  • Disinformation and the European Union. CEEISA-ISA 2019 Joint International Conference, University of Belgrade - Faculty of Political Science, June 2019

 Kommunikation (Sprachen)
Tschechisch (Muttersprache), Englisch (C2), Deutsch (C1)