"Through its educational, information and scientific activities, the institution pursues the following goal, among others: to promote European integration on a liberal and federal basis, by conveying knowledge about society and the state, European and international politics and by emphasizing the importance of European values…". So it says in the Agreement of partners of the Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen.
This is no coincidence, as the Academy was co-founded in 1954 by a young man who was as assertive as he was forward-thinking, and was decisively influenced by him until his death: Arno Krause (*1930, †2018, both in Saarbrücken, today Germany).
Under the impression of the Second World War, he made every effort to ensure that such a catastrophe would never happen again.

This idea of peace not only gave rise to today's European Union, but also to the Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen. The history of the Academy and information about Arno Krause's life and work can also be found on this website. Numerous works of art in the academy embody this idea of peace, democracy, freedom, openness, partnership and overcoming animosity. This is also illustrated by works of artists from countries that are today among the most important partners of the academy.
In addition, you will find here both "non-political" works by highly committed artists and works of political appeal, although these do not necessarily have to be the artist's main theme. Discover them  yourself!