Oil on canvas, 122 x 122 cm
Matt Lamb’s (*1932 in Chicago, †2012 ibid., both USA) artistic career was not predestined. Even though he is now known as an important Irish-born American painter and peace activist, he started his career in business and made Blake-Lamb Inc. one of the largest funeral homes in the USA.

Under the impression of a fortunately false medical diagnosis, he sold his company in 1986 and devoted himself to art. In the time left to him, he wanted to spread the message of peace, tolerance, hope and love among the people and is therefore very close to the goals of the Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen. He was also very successful in the art field: In 1994 he became President of the Midwest Patrons of the Arts of the Vatican Museums and Director of the Vatican Museum Foundation in New York City. At the same time, he continued his artistic activities and maintained up to five studios, one of them in Tünsdorf in Saarland, a district of Mettlach. In 2001 he exhibited at the academy.

His project The Lamb Umbrellas for Peace is known as an artistic reaction to the terrorist attacks in the USA in 2001. The project started with 38 children who had become orphans as a result of this attack. With 400,000 children participating worldwide, it subsequently became one of the largest children's and peace projects of all time: On colorful umbrellas they presented their feelings and hopes on the topic of peace. Lamb was also co-founder of the Schengen Peace Foundation.