The Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen wants to advance European unification as well as sustainable development through education and encounter. In doing so, we are committed to a democratic culture, the ideals of a peaceful, free and united Europe as well as the guiding principle of sustainable development. 

As an independent educational institution we want to contribute to the promotion and strengthening of an active civil society, in which responsible thinking and acting, open-minded citizens get involved. 


As a civil society institution, we are an actor and a place for civic education, democracy and sustainability education. We offer youth and adult education in a national and international context and address all people over the age of 16.
Our work is oriented towards the common good and is non-partisan and free of ideology. Our expertise lies in the areas of Europe, sustainable development and rhetorical communication.

We address current social and political issues and develop appropriate event formats for specific target groups. We provide space for people to meet, reflect and exchange ideas.  We enable our participants to learn with and from each other, to adopt new perspectives, to strengthen their intercultural skills and to develop options for independent action.

With the services of our conference and meeting center, we also offer groups organizing their own events a space for education and encounter, for art and culture. Integrated into the regional environment, we cultivate and benefit from cooperation with partners at the national, European and international levels.


Our values guide not only our educational work, but also our interactions with guests and internal collaboration. We are committed to living the following values in our work:



We stand for,
to live the following values in our work:


We approach and treat each other with openness and respect. Fairness, honesty and transparency characterize our work and give us credibility. We value feedback for our own development. We make room for recognition and constructive criticism.
We are open to the world, have the courage to try new things and enjoy our work. 

However, openness does not mean that we do not have our own opinions: We are non-partisan, non-denominational - but not apolitical. We are open to people with different world views and political convictions, as long as they agree with the free democratic basic order.

The Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen is no place for misanthropy.

People and their needs are at the center of everything we do.It is important to us that both guests and employees feel comfortable with us. Customer and participant orientation as well as quality and service awareness always guide our actions.

We look out for each other and show understanding for each other. 

We embrace the richness of each person's differences. We treat all people with openness, tolerance and respect, regardless of their origin, skin color, age, religious beliefs or ideology, disability or sexual identity. But we also demand that respect. We live diversity and promote it in our actions.

We want the diversity we live to be reflected in the way we write and ensure that our language is gender and diversity neutral and respectful.

Mutual trust and confidence is the foundation of our work. This trust allows for flexibility and promotes creativity, both in internal cooperation and in dealing with guests and participants.

Encounters at eye level, the ability to change perspectives, and trust in each individual's ability to develop are the hallmarks of our collaboration.

We embrace and courageously fulfill our social responsibilities. We demand and encourage independent action and empower people to take responsibility. Our self-image reflects the democratic and cooperative way in which we deal with each other.

A clear division of tasks, a reliable flow of information and constructive criticism are prerequisites for responsible action. 

We promote sustainable thinking and action. Sustainability is not only a topic in our educational programs, it is also part of our corporate culture. Ecological, economic and social aspects, the three pillars of sustainability, belong together and guide our actions.

We look for ways to achieve sustainability in our actions and maintain an integrated sustainability management system based on the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). 

We are modern, as an educational institution, as a conference center, as an employer, and we see ourselves as a driving force for the development of civil society. This is an incentive for us to continuously educate ourselves, to develop and to promote innovation.

Our knowledge and experience, as well as our careful observation and analysis of social developments, enable us to respond quickly to new needs and requirements.

Our vision at a glance