Calligraphy, 12m²
This Welcome Wall was created at the turn of the year 2015/2016 and welcomes guests in the 23 languages of the most important countries of origin of the participants of the academy, from Arabic to Hungarian. Not only the languages, but also the fonts are different and represented in the style of graffiti.

The calligraphers Vito Garcia and Stéphane Alfonsi had already played a major role in the "Forum for European Calligraphy" at the Academy in May, 2011. On an intense and exciting long weekend, eleven calligraphers from three countries came together and worked on the topic of "Encouraging Sustainability". The result also found its place in the academy. At the same time, they gave calligraphy courses for interested participants.

Vitoriano "Vito" Garcia (*1956 in Forbach, France) lives and works in Rouhling, Lorraine. He is a former miner, autodidact and today dedicates himself entirely to calligraphy. He gives courses, leads workshops and participates in numerous group and individual exhibitions. His main theme is the rise and fall of the mining industry in his native Lorraine.

Stéphane Alfonsi (*1972 in Metz, France) lives in Montigny-les-Metz in Lorraine and works throughout Lorraine and in neighboring countries. He also holds courses, conducts workshops and participates in numerous group and solo exhibitions. Considered a "calligraphy punk", Alfonsi is inspired by Gothic art and describes himself as "under the spell of letters and colors".