(Daily) up-to-date, informative, compact, centrally located in the state capital Saarbrücken or at other places in the Greater Region. These are our offers for the public. Whether it's about European politics, geopolitical events, social changes or the future of the Greater Region - here you can find out more and talk to proven, renowned experts. We cooperate with important regional players in politics, business, science, civil society and education.
Visitors to our events come from all parts of society.
Diversity of opinion and exciting discussions are on the agenda.
We are planning the following events for 2020, to mark some important occasions:

  • 35 years of the Schengen Agreement
  • 30 years of German-German unity
  • 70 years of the Schuman Declaration
  • German EU Council Presidency

Every Friday, Nicola Speer and Timo Stockhorst come to you live with a new episode of their podcast, true to the motto "Discussion and language are the basis for democratic coexistence".

The episodes usually have a playing time of about 30 minutes. For them, the starting point of each episode is the starting point of any form of civic education: the discussion and reflection on (political) topics that one does not need to have dealt with in advance. Every week, the two colleagues bring a current topic to the table, which is not communicated to the other in advance. This way, different perspectives on the most diverse topics are spontaneously opened up in a mutual exchange, which is entirely in the interest of the creators. After all, they want to make it clear that dealing with others and expressing one's own opinions are fundamental for our democratic coexistence.

Since the setting is spontaneous, the podcast does not follow a rigid agenda and is not cut or otherwise changed afterwards, the name of the podcast is its program. At the end of each episode there is one part, in which - despite all the seriousness and professionalism required - fun and spontaneity are in the foreground.


Public panel discussion in the German-French Week. Organized jointly with the Frankreichzentrum der Universität des Saarlandes, europe direct Saarbrücken, the ASKO Europa-Stiftung, the DFJW and the Goethe-Institut.


Readings with well-known authors at various locations, jointly organised with europe direct Saarbrücken.


Annual symposium on development policy topics with reference to Latin America, involving relevant partnership initiatives. A joint event of the Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen and the Netzwerk Entwicklungspolitik in Saarland e.V.



Annual public panel discussion on current developments and challenges in EU-Russia relations. A joint event of the Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen and europe direct Saarbrücken in the ballroom of the St. Johann Town Hall in Saarbrücken.



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