Sustainable development is one of the main topics of the academy's educational work (project "Encouraging Sustainability"). Precisely because education and art at the academy complement each other in their task of imparting holistic knowledge, we also show works that deal with the concept of sustainability.

New technologies, economic incentives and political regulations - they are all essential to accelerate the paradigm shift in the sense of a transformation towards a more sustainable way of life. But it is also clear that all this is not enough. Each individual must make a contribution by changing his or her attitude to life and values - a change that must also be reflected in practical actions and individual lifestyles, if it is to be successful. It is equally undoubted that such a transformation process will be much more successful in the long term if those who support it are driven more by inner conviction than by regulations and prohibitions.

Sustainable development is thus a significant cultural and emotional challenge and a process that must be accompanied on many levels. One of these levels is art: it creates an emotional access to topics and has a direct and immediate effect on the viewer. Art appeals to people's imagination, creativity and spontaneity to see the world from a different perspective. It can change the image we have of it - and thus change reality in the sense that art opens up new ways of becoming active, ourselves. The sweeping, often-used phrase "My art is intended to make you think" takes on a new dimension here. Concrete thought-provoking impulses are discussed - often controversially - at the academy's educational events, where culture and education complement one another. In this section, we present artists who have explicitly developed their works based on the idea of sustainability.