Europe, sustainability, history ... even if some of the works in the Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen do not belong to the traditional educational themes, they are just as important: they convey an attitude to life and a culture of welcoming, which are essential for the academy. Being able to feel at home, be comfortable and concentrate on the essentials is also part of the academy's educational concept. The academy's comprehensive collection of paintings and sculptures as well as the various cultural events support this. Original works of art or high-quality prints that are coordinated as an ensemble create a unique atmosphere for the guests. Speaking of guests: This does not only refer to the approximately 10,000 participants from all over the world who attend our events every year, but also to the people from our immediate area.
Openness, diversity, tolerance. This is what the academy stands for, not only with guests or with artists from all over the world, but also with the very different forms of presentation of its (mainly) modern art: paintings, photographs, collages, sculptures, ceramics, glass and mosaic walls, etc.
The entire academy area is integrated into the artistic concept. The works in the various houses/corridors are arranged thematically and have a connection to the work of the academy (e.g. featuring motifs on the themes of the Celts, SaarLorLux, industrial heritage, sustainable development).