From 2005 to 2007, around six artists per year created one sculpture each - 18 in total - in the course of one week on the theme of "Celts and Europe", on site in the park of the academy. These sculptures found their place on a sculpture trail inspired by the Celts, which connects the academy with the (ancient) Celtic hill fort of Otzenhausen. The special thing about it: If possible, one sculptor from each country of the former Celtic settlement area from Ireland over Spain to Turkey created a sculpture. The artists used materials of their choice from the region, mainly sandstone, but also wood and iron, to do justice to the reference to the Celts.

In the course of these three years, very different pieces were created, which bear the signature of sculptors from all over Europe. They range from reproductions of historical finds (such as the Battersea Shield), a direct reference to the Celtic hill fort of Otzenhausen (e.g."Lebacher Ei", regional stones with an iron core), Celtic myths (such as the Sun Barque) and an abstract interpretation of Celtic life. Three of these works are located in the park, one in the basement of the Europaeum of the academy. You can find the flyer of the sculpture path here. Unplanned but nevertheless very welcome were, among others, a filmmaker, a group for Breton music - and the Welsh sculptors' association Sculpture Cymru, which showed the exhibition "Hiraeth" in 2007. HIRAETH is an untranslatable Welsh word for home and the longing for it. Three works from this exhibition have remained at the EAO.