Dr. Marie-Louise Brunner, Tandem-Professor

Project Leader Sustainability Communication

The tandem professorship combines the responsibilities of a professor at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, Trier University of Applied Sciences, with applied work as Project Leader for Sustainability Communication at the Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen and thereby creates exciting new synergies and opportunities.

Bachelor of Arts in English: Linguistics, Literatures, and Cultures & French Culture Studies and Intercultural Communication at Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany
Master of Arts in English, American, and Anglophone Studies & Intercultural Communication with a Focus on Francophone Cultures at Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany
PhD in English Linguistics (topic: Understanding Intercultural Communication: Negotiating Meaning and Identities in English as a Lingua Franca Skype Conversations) at Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany 

Thematic expertise

  • Sustainability Communication
  • Business Communication, Customer Interaction & Communication Optimization on social media
  • Social Media Marketing and digital brand identity
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Linguistics and Culture Studies
  • Language and Food

Publications, lectures, media reports (selection)

  • Brunner, Marie-Louise; and Stefan Diemer. 2022. Cross-platform analysis. Research Methods for Digital Discourse Analysis, ed. by Camilla Vasquez. Bloomsbury Publishing.
  • Brunner, Marie-Louise. 2021. Understanding intercultural communication: Negotiating meaning and identities in English as a Lingua Franca Skype conversations. Berlin: J.B. Metzler. 
  • Brunner, Marie-Louise; and Stefan Diemer. 2021. Section on "Let the Cat Out of The Bag! – Raising Intercultural Awareness with Hedgehog, Giraffe and Co." In: Whalen, D. Joel 2021 "Selections From the ABC 2020 Annual Conference, Online: Gathering Around the Cool Fire to Share Business Communication Teaching Innovations" Business and Professional Communication Quarterly 84(3): 266-286. 
  • Brunner, Marie-Louise; and Stefan Diemer. 2020. Section on "Crisis Communication via Social Media: Can You Do Better?" In: Whalen, D. Joel. 2020. “Selections from the ABC 2019 Annual Conference, Detroit, Michigan: Dancin’ in Motown’s Streets to the Beat of My Favorite Assignments.” Business and Professional Communication Quarterly 83(2): 234-255. 
  • Diemer, Stefan; and Marie-Louise Brunner. 2020. "Tell me about food and I tell you who you are" - Expert identity in intercultural food discourse via Skype. Talking about Food. The social and the global in eating communities, ed. by Sofia Rüdiger and Susanne Mühleisen, 167-187. Amsterdam: Benjamins.
  • Brunner, Marie-Louise; and Stefan Diemer. 2019. Meaning negotiation and customer engagement in a digital BELF setting: A study of Instagram company interactions. Iperstoria – Testi Letterature Linguaggi 13(1): 15-33 [Special section: Negotiating Meaning in Business English as a Lingua Franca, ed. by Alessia Cogo and Paola Vettorel].
  • Brunner, Marie-Louise; and Stefan Diemer. 2019. Section on "Business Goes Intercultural: Developing an Intercultural Marketing Campaign" In: Whalen et al. 2019. Selections from the ABC 2018 Annual Conference, Miami, Florida: Teaching Innovations Bright as the Tropical Sun. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly 82(2). 
  • Brunner, Marie-Louise; Stefan Diemer; and Selina Schmidt. 2018. "I mean ... we have good coffee in Italy ... why do we need Starbucks?" – ‘America’ in the construction and negotiation of European identities. (Pop) Cultures on the Move: Transnational Identifications and Cultural Exchange Between East and West [Saravi Pontes 8], ed. by Astrid M. Fellner; Tetjana Ostapchuk; and Bärbel Schlimbach, 17-33. Saarbrücken: universaar - Saarland University Press. 
  • Polzin-Haumann, Claudia; Christina Reissner; Stefan Diemer; and Marie-Louise Brunner. 2016. Die Erprobung landeszentraler Sprechaufgaben in den Abiturprüfungen in Französisch und Englisch an saarländischen Schulen [The practical trial of centralized speaking tasks in French and English Abitur examinations at Saarland secondary schools]. Scientific evaluation study commissioned by the Saarland Ministry of Education and Culture. Saarbrücken: Ministerium für Bildung und Kultur des Saarlandes. 

For a full list of publications, lectures, and media reports see www.umwelt-campus.de/ml.brunner.

Communication (languages)
German (native language), English (C1-C2), French (B2), Italian (B1)