About the project

The terrorist attacks carried out in Paris in January and November 2015 and the current massive influx of people, who seek protection and come from Africa and the Middle East to Europe, pose new challenges to European societies with a view to shaping a peaceful coexistence on European soil. The issue of receiving refugees and asylum seekers in European countries arouses many fears (excessive demands on the existing social systems, assumed danger of Islamisation of our societies… ), divides both the political classes and Europe's societies and finally raises the following question: What kind of Europe do we want, and how to integrate new citizens from countries whose culture is different from ours?
We need to bear this context in mind in order to understand the return to "nation states" demanded by a part of society and the political elite as well as the success of right- or left-wing populist or even extremist movements such as the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in Germany or the Front National in France.

Calling Europe's fundamental values (and therefore its social basis) into question will be the focus of the project. The year 2015 represents a socio-political turning point, which raises the following questions: Which new conflicts of values result from the current political developments? Which existing conflicts of values refer to new objects and/or are intensified? Which values are currently indispensable for the internal and external cohesion of our societies? How do the various religions, which coexist in European societies, understand and live these values? What are the consequences for our societies?
Based on its extensive experience and competence in the field of imparting values to young people and young information disseminators, the European Academy aims to study exactly these questions in the context of its two-year project "Vivre ensemble, vivre en paix“ (Living together, living in peace). Reaching and involving young people in its projects is one of the priorities of organisations like the EAO, which promotes European civil society by reason of its European educational mission. It also makes sense to focus on this target group against the backdrop of the project theme.

Project objectives

In its first phase, the project aims to discuss the above mentioned key questions with young information disseminators committed to (international) educational activities for young people from a multiperspective (political, cultural, religious, civic) view. In this context, the main objective of the EAO is to build bridges between people from different backgrounds, culture and religion, whose values are therefore different, too. In the second phase, a "Tool kit du vivre ensemble" (tool kit of living together) shall be developed in digital form by the young multipliers. This tool kit aims to a) encourage thinking about contents in the context of international seminars and events for young people, and to b) provide the methodological foundation necessary for this purpose (in the form of modules). In particular experience-oriented methods are applied in order to ensure an easy access to the theme at international events in whatever form. This approach therefore combines cognitive and emotional elements. The tool kit shall be made available in French, German and English.

Project partners and participants

The project is first and foremost directed at young information disseminators committed to international youth education from the SaarLorLux greater region.

Project duration: two years


Stéphanie Bruel, Head of Department
Degree in history, German language and literature and political sciences at Université Paris X - Nanterre

Contact: 0049 6873 662-443, bruel(at)eao-otzenhausen.de

Event formats

  • training courses for information disseminators
  • seminars for secondary students (basic courses)
  • seminars for university students (courses: basic and dedicated to a specific topic)
  • colloquia (expert conferences)
  • individual lectures and/or lecture series with a common thematic focus
  • workshops
  • individual projects









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