About the project

Since the 1960s, the European Academy of Otzenhausen has been successfully cooperating with the German armed forces at national and international seminars and maintaining contact with nearby army units and bases. As a member of the "Politische Bildung in der Bundeswehr" (Political education in the German armed forces) network, the European Academy of Otzenhausen stands for European expertise, offering a highly topical education with specifically tailored modern event formats based on longstanding experience. In addition to seminars, most of which last several days, the Academy also offers seminars on didactics/methodology of political education.

Political education in the German armed forces network

On the initiative of the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, bpb (Federal Agency for Civic Education), 30 recognized umbrella organisations and providers of political adult education organized into a network in order to pool their expertise in the field of political education for the German armed forces. This initiative was also supported by the Federal Ministry of Defence.

The individual institutions of the network provide high-quality political education for the German armed forces. They cooperate closely, elaborate new offerings and therefore have a lasting impact on the civil-military dialogue.

The discussion of the role of the German armed forces and the prevailing challenges requires a broad debate in society, which presupposes a civil-military dialogue. All member institutions of the network are committed to this objective. You will therefore find offerings in the bpb programme of events which are directed at both civil society and the army. The European Academy of Otzenhausen has been a member of the network since its foundation.

Event formats

Thematic priorities in 2016

  • Global sustainability policies resulting from the Paris Agreement on climate change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals adopted in September 2015
  • Causes of conflicts in the Near and Middle East

Civil-military dialogue

In the context of its networking with the Federal Agency for Political Education and the Federal Ministry of Defence, the European Academy of Otzenhausen deliberately promotes the civil-military dialogue. The objective of these activities is to foster debates on security policy in civil society.

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