Alexander C. Metternich


Director of studies
Department "Sustainable Development"




B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in Cultural Anthropology & Archaeology from Binghamton University, Binghamton, New York (USA)

Thematic expertise

•    Energy
•    Climate
•    Earth system science
•    Archaeology
•    GIS (Geographical information systems)
•    Material flows
•    Environment management

Publications, lectures, media reports

  • Riemer Manuel, Voorhees Courte, Dittmer Livia, Alisat Susan, Alam Nahian, Sayal Radha, Bidisha Sayema Haque, De Souza Arun, Lynes Jennifer, Metternich Alexander, Mugagga Frank, and Schweizer-Ries Petra. „The Youth Leading Environmental Change Project: A Mixed-Method Longitudinal Study across Six Countries”. Ecopsychology. September 2016, 8(3): 174-187.
  • Dittmer Livia, Mugagga Frank, Metternich Alexander, Schweizer-Ries Petra, Asiimwe George, Riemer Manuel. „’We can Keep the Fire Burning’: Building Action Competence Through Environmental Justice Education in Uganda and Germany”. Loal Environment Vol. 23, Iss.2, 2018

Communication (languages)
English (native language), German (C2), Spanish (B2)

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