Our educational portfolio focuses on imparting skills for decision-making and  taking action with a view to Europe. Our seminars, meetings and conferences aim to equip participants with the information they need to take action constructively and critically, in Europe, with Europe and for Europe. At our events we welcome over 9000 guests per year from Europe and all over the world.

As you can see, "Come together to create Europe" is therefore not just our motto, but lived reality.

Intercultural seminars in cooperation with the Franco-German Youth Office, binational and multinational seminars with partners from all over Europe and the "Public speaking plus seminars" offered by the Institute for Public Speaking and Methodology are key elements of our educational portfolio. Furthermore, we offer a multitude of events for our cooperation partners and other interested parties. Our information on and analysis of topical political issues and developments on a regional, national or European/international level are adapted to the needs of our target groups.

Imparting substantiated information and knowledge in a dialogue
, relevance to the participants' everyday lives, visits combined with "on site" talks during excursions are conceptual elements of our events. In line with individual agreements with the cooperation partners, our directors of studies develop the programme content and methodology to fit the requirements of the target groups.

We work according to the participants' needs and use state-of-the-art methods at our seminars. We are supported by a team of freelancers and leading experts. Our directors of studies - political, social or speech scientists experienced in running seminars – ensure both the quality of our educational offer and the continuity of the relations with our partners.

Three departments were created in order to ensure the best possible execution of the educational work. They are specially adapted to the different key issues of our work:

  1. "European Youth Education" Department
  2. "International European Studies" Department
  3. "Institute for Public Speaking and Methods in Political Education and Development Policy" Department
  4. "Sustainable development" Department

Videobotschaft von unserem Gründungsdirektor Arno Krause anlässlich des Bundseskongresses der JEF Deutschland, 24.10.2014

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