Oil on canvas, 145 x 195 cm
In his painting Fernand Roda (*1951 in Luxembourg) combines the rising nave of a Gothic cathedral with a forest, thus creating a relationship between architecture and nature. In his typical expressive gesture he combines landscape, forms and exploding colours, the lush proliferation of nature with the austerity of geometric surfaces. This work also has a further dimension, namely the reference to the spiritual world: Inner peace can be found both in a cathedral and in nature.

Fernand Roda is probably Luxembourg's best-known painter, who has lived and worked in the Rhine metropolis since his studies in Düsseldorf (he was a master student of Joseph Beuys, among others). After a phase of expressive and abstract works, the influence of the so-called "wild painting" (keyword: Neue Wilde) from the 1980s onwards can be easily traced in his works: He paints large-format, figurative, colour-intensive pictures in which the reference to landscape plays a prominent role. His technique, in which he plays with contrasts, connects him with the young generation of painters. Roda is very versatile: Besides regular exhibitions at home and abroad, he also designs CD covers, Christmas and greeting cards as well as calendars for well-known clients.