Acrylic, printing inks, 70 x 100 cm
Monika Künzel (*in Mönchengladbach, Germany) showed this work at her exhibition "Atem-Figuren" (Breath Figures) in 2017 at the Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen. The "Glass Wall" is an example of her work, as her laudator, the art historian Minoti Paul, put it (excerpt): "Breath figures" is a term from art education that describes the "two-handed shaping" of forms (quote Monika Künzel). Monika Künzel also applies this term to the realisation of her works from printing forms and collages. Because in these processes - the making of the printing forms (from polystyrene and linoleum), the process of printing, cutting and gluing when creating a collage - one works with both hands."

Monika Künzel herself describes her work as follows (excerpts): "The characters embody situations we might know. Looking at them could create a resonance or a silent communication between the picture and the viewer. I wished for a sensitization for situations and body language. My world of images consists of impressions of what I have seen, experienced, remembered and dreamed. And in addition a collection of acting and feeling persons moves as if on an internal stage."

The versatile graduate designer studied in Krefeld and Saarbrücken, worked as an art teacher and then built up her own painting school in Riegelsberg. Today she lives and works there, is heavily involved in artistic projects and describes herself as a "picture maker". In her works she combines painted surfaces with hand-printed parts, which make up Künzel's special style and tell her own story. Recently she has been combining the stylistic device of painting/printing with digital variants - a field of experimentation for perception.