Watercolor, 71 x 91 cm
"Overlay" is one of the typical works of Claus Dietrich Hentschel: realistic views mix with abstract, surrealistic elements.

Claus Dietrich Hentschel (*1937 in Berlin, †2012 in Constance, both Germany) was a painter and teacher since 1962, and has lived and worked in Constance since 1969. He painted with acrylic and produced watercolours, etchings and sculptures.
"Towards the end of my studies I turned back to objects; but not to reproduce them in a naturalistic sense. I see objects ("environment", "nature") as carriers of meanings which they objectively do not have, but which they are able to trigger in me. The conditions of this process, which probably takes place in a similar way in every human being, are my attention and sensation, my history and the influence of the present. In the process of making, the subjective impression is objectified by form and colour, by complementarity and analogies, and given something generally valid, de-temporalised," says Hentschel. In his first, highly acclaimed exhibitions he was described as a "realistic" painter, whereas in his late work he turned to fantastic painting.

The six works shown at the Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen represent both currents: realistic, detailed depictions that are placed in a fantastic context. Hentschel exhibited at the academy in 2004 ("Claus Dietrich Hentschel: Painting - Graphics").