Oil on canvas, 200 x 160 cm
Moraines - hill-like relics of the ice ages - are an inseparable part of Brandenburg's original landscape. This is where Bernd Zimmer has maintained one of his studios in Warthe since 2007.

Bernd Zimmer (*1948 in Planegg, Germany), one of the most important contemporary artists in Germany, began his career as an autodidact. He lives and works in Polling (Upper Bavaria), Piozzano (Italy) and Warthe (Brandenburg). Characteristic is his great love of travel, which drives him to a different region of the world almost every year. He processes his experiences, whether from Asia, South and Central America, the desert, the sea or at home, in his large-format pictures. He concentrates on landscape pictures far from the conventional mode of representation by using large, coherent colour areas as a constitutive element of his pictures. The object itself serves mainly as inspiration for his pictures: On the one hand, his motif is clearly recognizable, on the other hand his painting style and coloring allow for maximal abstraction.

The extremely active artist has had countless solo and group exhibitions since 1977, and the same applies to his publications. He was also chairman of the university council of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich from 2007 to 2011.