Marble and steel, 50 x 200 x 50 cm
The sculpture "Guard" shows two stylized human faces. Depending on the perspective from which the visitor looks at the work, the face of the marble sculpture appears female or, seen from the other side, shows clearly male features. The facial expression is intended to radiate optimism and joie de vivre in reference to the special "Etruscan smile": Sculptures of the Etruscans, who lived about 2,500 years ago in the area of today's Tuscany and Umbria, were characterized by this relaxed and life-affirming smile. In the Etruscans' cult of the dead, the smile was preserved, even after death.

Werner Bärmann lives in Riegelsberg (Saarland) and works mainly with bronze and stone. He describes his artistic intention as follows: "I want to capture the essence of things in a clear form without copying nature. His main focus is on the human being, his social references and emotions such as love, friendship, fear, weakness or strength.