Understanding Europe as a multi-layered cultural area and making our participants and guests aware of it has been part of our self-image as an institution of political education since its foundation in 1954.

The Academy's concept of education is comprehensive and goes far beyond the mere transfer of knowledge. Education also includes the ability to acquire values as well as to develop imagination, creativity, tolerance and openness and to allow emotions.

For this reason, the Academy also conveys its values specifically through art and culture. Especially when culture takes an aesthetic or political stance, it appeals equally to the intellect and the emotions and challenges us to engage in debate. This is all the more true when art provokes and questions accepted norms (content, aesthetics, ...).

Therefore, even the freedom of art is not an empty slogan at the Academy - but is filled with life in many different ways.


The Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen has its own extensive art collection with over 400 pieces, which is unparalleled in the region and which already began in the 1960s. Contemporary, predominantly European art can be seen in all rooms and corridors as well as in the park of the academy. Temporary exhibitions round off the offer. Since 1961, the academy has organized nearly 130 exhibitions with artists primarily from Germany and Europe, but also from all over the world.


The Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen organizes various cultural events, especially in cooperation with the Stiftung europäische Kultur und Bildung foundation, to which all interested parties are warmly welcome.
Here you will find an overview of the cultural events of the year. By clicking on the selected day, you will find further information about "your" event and can book it easily online.


Why not find out more about the academy's art collection first hand or about the Celtic sculpture trail Cerda & Celtoi and its breathtaking surroundings? The academy offers free guided tours for its guests in German, English or French. They go on an exciting trip into the world of forms and colors, history and stories.

Sculpture Trail Hike: Duration approx. 3 hours, approx. 7 km, sure-footedness required, for groups of 10 persons or more; Art Collection Guided Tour : Duration ca. 1 hour, for all interested

Would you like to know more about the sculpture trail? Feel free to contact us. Here you will find the book "Cerda & Celtoi – ein Skulpturenweg entsteht" with summaries in English and French.


The Arboretum Europaeum - Park der Nachhaltigkeit (Sustainability Park) is a park on the northern edge of the academy campus. It houses a cross-section of the most common tree species of Central Europe, but also houses "guests" from other regions of Europe and the world.

If you want to know more, you can download here the brochure "Nature in the Hochwald region" or the flyer "Arboretum Europaeum - Sustainability Park" (available in German, English and French).