The European Academy of Otzenhausen has its own comprehensive pinacoteca with more than 400 pieces of artwork. It is unparalleled in the region and was established back in the 1960s. Contemporary, primarily European art can be found in all rooms, corridors and the park of the Academy. Temporary exhibitions complement the regular collection. Since 1961, the Academy has organised over 100 exhibitions of artists primarily from Germany and Europe, as well as from all over the world.The Academy's collection of paintings and sculptures and the organization of cultural events underscore the high standards the Academy sets for its work with a view to participants, visitors, organizations and sponsors. Perfectly coordinated original works or high-quality prints create a unique atmosphere for the guests and contribute to the EAO's unique selling proposition in the educational sector.



Roswitha Jungfleisch
Stiftung europäische Kultur und Bildung
Europahausstraße 35
66620 Nonnweiler
Tel.: 0049 6873 662-481
eMail: r.jungfleisch(at)