The holistic view of education held by the European Academy of Otzenhausen encompasses knowledge of different fields of life and society. At the same time, it also includes the ability to develop emotions, imagination and creativity and to promote comparisons and critical thinking. This is where culture and art come into play.

The European Academy of Otzenhausen already made cultural life a permanent part of its offer back in 1961. To this end, it used a highly diverse range of offers to foster communication between its event participants and the local SaarLorLux region residents, as well as with the artists.

The Academy is also engaged in numerous networks within the cultural sector. Its partners are, for example, the cultural initiative KulturLandschaftsInitiative St. Wendeler Land and the art centre Kunstzentrum Bosener Mühle. The sculpture “Welle des Lebens“ (see above) by Jaroslav Vacek is located in the park of the Academy and part of the network “European Road of Sculptures”. It is dedicated to peace, stretches from Moscow to Normandy and comprises approximately 500 sculptures.
The Stiftung europäische Kultur und Bildung foundation is responsible for the cultural activities of the Academy.

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