The European Academy of Otzenhausen has attractively designed, spacious grounds and is situated in a very quiet location at the edge of the woods near the southern border of the Hunsrück-Hochwald national park. The Academy is open to companies, associations, public authorities, etc. and provides the services of a conference hotel for meetings, conferences, presentations, celebrations, events and outings. It is also an inviting place (dining facilities, guest rooms, ambience, service) for guests who wish to host celebrations or private parties. 

The 67 modern and cheerful guest rooms offer 97 beds. The 18 seminar and conference rooms – four of them equipped with simultaneous interpreting equipment for up to five languages – feature state-of-the-art seminar technology and a flexible room design. Spacious foyers, a special library, three restaurants, a bistro, a recreation room for young people and several (free) car parks complement these facilities.

Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen gGmbH
Birgit Fuchs-Groß
Europahausstraße 35
66620 Nonnweiler
Tel.: 0049 6873 662-133
Fax: 0049 6873 662-150
eMail: fuchs-gross(at)

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