Three differently shaped conference buildings offer a wide range of meeting rooms suitable for various group sizes.
Bright, comfortable seminar and group rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology that be arranged to suit your requirements provide the perfect setting for meetings and work.

Europaeum: Forum

The Forum is the heart of our educational centre. It measures 240 square metres and offers various arrangement options for seminars and cultural events, conferences, meetings, presentations and social events.

Its 12-sided layout makes it a unique architectural set-up with excellent acoustics.

Equipment for simultaneous interpretation into up to five languages is available for your conferences and meetings. The Forum also features state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment.

Seating options

Europaeum: Bruxelles and Den Haag

Bruxelles and Den Haag are two adjacent seminar rooms separated by a soundproof sliding partition. Technical equipment for simultaneous interpretation into up to three languages is available in both rooms.

Each room measures 97 square metres and can be equipped with up to 60 seats. They can be joined. When the partition is removed, the room measures 194 square metres and seats up to 110 participants.

Seating options

Andersen and Hundertwasser

The two meeting rooms Andersen and Hundertwasser are situated on the lower level of the Europaeum. Measuring 39 square metres each, they offer space for up to 35 participants.

The three small rooms Bergman / Sibelius / Sokrates are situated in immediate proximity to the large seminar rooms Bruxelles and Den Haag on the lower level of the Europaeum. They measure 17 square metres each, offer space for 10 participants and are therefore ideal for group work.

Seating options

Building B: Seminar room Paris

The seminar room Paris, with a size of 63 square metres, offers various arrangement options and seats up to 30 participants.

During the summer months, this room is particularly attractive thanks to its glass side wall, whose large sliding doors provide direct access to a terrace and our park.

Seating options

Building C: Seminar room Roma

The seminar room Roma offers ideal conditions for national and international seminars, conferences and meetings.

It measures 90 square metres and has a maximum seating capacity of 60.

In the seminar room Roma you can expect state-of-the art seminar equipment tailored to your needs. This includes equipment for simultaneous interpretation into up to three languages.

Seating options

Building C: Group rooms

We offer a range of suitable rooms for participants who wish to concentrate on their work in small groups.

With 30 square metres, Miraculix is the largest of these group rooms and can seat up to 14 participants.

Obelix measures 22 square metres and has a seating capacity of 10.

Asterix and Idefix are the smallest rooms (see photo) with 18 square metres each and seats for up to 10 people. They are primarily used for work in small groups.

Seating options

Standard technical equipment

The seminar rooms are equipped as follows:

  • LED projector
  • Multimedia computers
  • Camcorder
  • TV
  • CD / DVD player
  • Tape deck
  • Various connections for audio, video and computer graphics
  • Amplifier and loudspeakers
  • Presentation equipment
  • Internet access
  • Equipment for simultaneous interpretation



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