As a consequence of the commitment of the European Academy of Otzenhausen to the educational initiative "Encouraging sustainability" and its educational focus on Sustainable development, the Academy analysed its own environmental management and performance. A certification process according to the Eco Management Audit Scheme (EMAS) was therefore launched and rapidly pushed ahead.

On September 14, 2013 the first objective was reached: Anke Rehlinger, Minister for environmental and customer protection of the Saarland, awarded the EMAS certificate to Stefan Mörsdorf, Managing director of the Academy, in the presence of invited guests in the context of a symposium.

The ceremony was the conclusion of a process extending over several months characterized by critical stocktaking, definition of objectives and, subsequently, the dynamic beginning of a process of change in favour of the environment. It included many big- and small-scale steps on the Academy's path of change, which will be followed by more and more ambitious activities in the coming years. With the award of the EMAS certificate, the European Academy became participant in the Umweltpakt Saar (Saarland environmental pact).

Environmental Statement 2018


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